Ruby Package


♦ Experience our elegant hall for 4 hours


♦ Drink as you please with our open bar


♦ Bread with Butter & Salad

♦ Main Entrée & 2 Sides of your choosing

♦ Formally Dressed Staff and White Glove Service


♦ Choose your Buttercream Cake for your special occasion presented in a hanging table!

♦ Clear Chiavari Chairs

♦ Satin Sash for Chairs

♦ Satin Tablecloth

♦ Satin Napkins of your choosing

♦ Elegant Centerpiece

♦ Impeccable Glassware

♦ Stage decorated with Sofa or Main Table

♦ Decorated Gift Table


♦ Music with Professional DJ

♦ LED Uplighting across whole venue and light show for music